How to add a record offline

Once you have enabled the ability to create records offline, you can now be productive even in the absence of a persistent internet connection.

When you open the TrackVia application, an icon in the top right indicates you are offline.

Note: In iOS, any views that have been previously accessed on your mobile device will stay cached on your dashboard, but you are unable to open a record. Android devices will not cache views for offline access.

Data entry into a form on a dashboard will function the same as when you are online. 

How is Location at Creation captured when you are offline?

- "Location at creation" has been checked in the table editor.
- GPS must be enabled on the device.

You are offline and create a new record. When you tap Save, the current location is captured and uploaded later with the record when you have connectivity.

While still offline, if you move to a different location, edit the non-uploaded record and then tap Save, this new location will be uploaded when you have connectivity.

To view or edit records created in offline mode, click the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen from a dashboard to open the Settings page. From here, click into Sync Details.

The Sync Details will display the number of records that have been created and stored while in offline mode, as well as a list of forms needed to support offline record creation. You can also click into the records that have been created offline to see them in greater detail.

From here, you can edit any records in the Uploads section, where records are saved as a draft. Notice that the record ID's are only temporary, and are formed by the first three fields on the offline form. The real record ID will be generated once the draft is uploaded to the table, when internet becomes available.

Once internet connection is detected, the record will be added to TrackVia and removed from the local storage, becoming accessible in the web interface.

There are two primary errors that may be encountered when syncing records online. The first is a network error. This occurs when network connectivity is intermittent or unreliable, preventing the records from fully uploading to the web. TrackVia will continue to try to sync the records until the process is complete. 

The next error stems from data entry errors with a record. This may be due to an invalid data entry, a required field being left blank, or a uniqueness error. In either case, the errors will be displayed on the Settings page in the Sync Details section. The number of errors will be displayed as a red number.

Clicking on the details will show the errors for each record in detail so that they can be corrected before syncing. 

Records can also be exported from the app to edit later. Currently, the records would need to be export individually as a csv file. We recommend sending the export as an email. 

When using the mobile application in offline mode, we recommend going into the settings and hitting the sync button to ensure your device has the most recent forms available.

In summary, the mobile app gives you the ability to create records when your device does not have internet access and it can be set to automatically sync the offline data to your TrackVia application once internet becomes available. At this time, searching views and editing live data is only available when an internet connection is present.

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