How to set up a scheduled share

Scheduled Reports

Using the Share View feature, you can send charts and reports on a predetermined schedule.   As you can see below, in the Share View window there is an option to send a view on a schedule.  When enabled you will be presented with additional settings to deliver the view on a recurring basis.

Just like sharing a view, you will be required to enter the recipient(s) under To and you can optionally create a custom subject and enter a message.
When the Send on a schedule setting is enabled, you will be given the option to send the view Daily, Weekly or Monthly.  Depending on which option is selected for Repeats, additional settings will appear allowing you to choose exactly how often and when the view should be sent.

When Daily (above) is chosen, you can
simply enter the time and the timezone for when it should send each day.  The time and timezone will be required for any option chosen. 

For Weekly (below), you will be presented with the option of sending it every 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks.  You can then select the day(s) of the week it should be delivered.

When Monthly
(below) is selected, you can schedule it to send every month by leaving it at 1.  Otherwise, you can select to send it every 2-12 months.  Next, you will need to choose the day of the month it should send (1-31) OR you can select the 'Last day of month' to dynamically have the report sent at the end of the month rather than a specific day.


If you would like to send the view regardless of it not having any data, you can enable the Send if report is empty setting found under the bottom right corner of the Message box.  This setting can be used to send a report notifying the recipient that there were no failures that particular day or no tasks were completed for the week.  

Once you click the Schedule Report button, the Scheduled Report will be active and you will be taken to the Scheduled Reports tab.  This tab lists each schedule that has been setup for the view.  It is
grouped by Daily, Weekly and Monthly Reports.

On this tab you can click the mail icon to share (email) the view on-demand if you do not want to wait for the scheduled time.  The pencil icon will allow you to edit the view, while the trash can icon will delete the Scheduled Report.

Send Personalized Data to Recipient

This setting will be able for views that are filtered by an Application User field where the criteria Is Current User.  That means the information presented has been filtered to show you only your information.

If you would like to “send what you see”, do not check this box.

If you would like to filter the results to each individual in the To: line, check the box. Please make sure to provide the same email address they log into TrackVia with.

Still unsure when you might use this? Click this link to learn more about the 'Is Current User' filter and how to use it.

Time Based Notifications

As you may know, Notifications do not send emails when a record is added or removed from a view based on the passage of time.  Scheduled Reports can be a great solution to accomplish time based notifications.  Here is an example:

Your team has a list of tasks that need to be completed by a specific date.  You have created a filtered view to place any record in the view where an incomplete task is within 5 days of its due date.  As a daily reminder, you want to notify the person assigned to the task each day you have a task in that view to remind them it needs to be completed that week.  This can be done with a Scheduled Report!  Setup the view to send daily (or even twice a day!) to continuously remind your team their task due dates are approaching.

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