How to make specific fields required on a Form

Two ways to Require a value for a Field

Administrators may decide that users need to make information required when a record is either created or modified.  There are two ways to make a value required: 

  - A field may be marked as required on the Table Setup.  Any new record must contain a value in this field upon record creation.

 - Fields may be marked as required on a specific form.  Because unique and individualized Forms may be assigned to different users (through the Roles component), this feature can oblige users to enter pertinent information for a record as it passes through different stages.  

Required on All Forms - using the Table Setup

Here is an example: When a record is created, we need to enter in the "Name" of the record.  In this case, we will mark the field as required on the Table Setup to avoid any blank values from being entered for "Name."

To make a field required on the Table Setup, Edit the Table that is holding the data.  Next, select the "Field is Required" checkbox.

All new Batches will need to have a "Batch Name" set.  

Please note: Relationship fields (Link to Parent fields) provide the ability to link a record to another record on a separate table.  This field does not display on the Table Setup.  Instead, they are found on the Table Relationship tab on the Admin toolbar.  
Therefore, to make a relationship field required, it will need to be marked as required on the Form level.  

Required on Custom Forms - using the Form Editor

Next, after the record is created, we have an "Actual Start Time", that must be entered by an employee who handles this specific product.  The user needs to enter in this time, as it is critical in the workflow.  This field may be marked required at the Form-level, and a Form assignment may be granted so this user will always Edit existing records with this specific Form.

To make a field required on a Form, Create a custom Form.  Next, select the small pencil icon that appears while hovering the mouse over that field.  In the popup "Field Settings" window that displays, select the checkbox for "Field is Required on this Form".

When editing an existing record, or using this Form to create a new record, an error will display if the user has not filled in the necessary information:

Please note: Relationship fields can only be marked as required on the Form level, and not at the table level.  

A Workflow Example

Making certain fields required can be incredibly helpful for workflow - several users may need to each enter data for a record in a systematic, step-by-step process.   User 1 may create the record, by entering the "Name" and the "Scheduled Start Date" upon record creation.  This would be through setting the Field as Required at the table level.  

Next, using Filtered Views, based on the "Scheduled Start Date" it will appear in the work queue for the second User.  Once he/she enters the "Actual Start Time", which is required just on his/her specific Form, the record moves to a new queue for User 3 who is managing the work in progress.  This user would need to enter the "Actual Finish Time" that displays on his/her custom Form.  Each of these users can use unique and custom forms tailored to their role to ensure that they enter necessary information for their part of the workflow. 

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