How to use NFC Tags with the TrackVia Android App

This document will show how to quickly program NFC tags for use with the TrackVia app. 


What can I program into a NFC Tag?

  • Shortcut to any View, Chart, MapView, Create Form or Record in TrackVia
  • Pre-programmed UserId, Password for Quick Login

How do I program a link to a View into a NFC Tag?

  1. Launch the TrackVia website via a browser at and login to your account
  2. Navigate to the appropriate view (it can be any view, chart, map view etc). 
  3. Go the website address and you will see a URL such as
  4. Copy this text and paste it into a plain text editor program or Word document
  5. Replace the part “ with “com.trackvia://“
  6. Now the link will look like com.trackvia://apps/10/tables/54/views/3536
    This link text is what we will program into the NFC Tag to signal to it to launch that view once the Android device is tagged with it. 

  7. Now we need to get this text over to the Android device. One way to do this is to Copy and Paste this text into an email and go to that email on the device. Another way is to use some Shared notes app such as Google Keep to transfer the text over. 
  8. Once you have the text on your Android device, its time to launch the writer app (e.g. NFC Tools will be used for this documentation). 
  9. After launching the NFC Tools app, go to “Write”. 
  10. Tap on “Add a record”
  11. Pick “Custom URL/URI”
  12. Enter the link text into the field. (com.trackvia://apps/10/tables/54/views/3536)
  13. Tap OK, then tap “Write”. 
  14. Now approach the NFC Tag you want to program. Once near, the app will program the tag with the appropriate link. 
  15. Now your NFC Tag is ready to be used and will detect and take you to the appropriate view upon the Android device coming near it.

How do I program a link to a Create Form or Record into a NFC Tag?

The entire procedure is identical to the steps above. The only difference will be that the links for Create Form will look like this in the Browser:

and similarly will need to be converted to 


The link for a specific Record will look like this in the Browser:

and will need to be converted to 


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