February 2016 Release Notes

Feb 29 


In addition to a few performance enhancements we fixed a few bugs related to charts and scheduled reports.

Feb 19

Filter by Grandparents... and Beyond

This update will allow you to filter by any parent field.  This means parents, grand parents, great grand parents, and beyond.  If you have a table with a grand parent table you will see the option to view more tables. Click the show more tables button in the table chooser when working in the filter builder.  Choose one of the fields from that table to create a filter condition.  This is great for cascading permissions using the Current User Filter!

Feb 12

Triggered Fields

Triggered fields are a brand new type of calculated field.  They allow you to run your calculations when you save a record.  This allows you to tailor your application exactly to your specifications.

Let me give you an example.  Let's say you have an app that requires calculations that run on demand when you open your views or records.  For example, calculations based on time functions like the use of NOW() in a calculation.  Every time you open a view or form the calculation will be done at that exact moment guaranteeing accuracy.

But some people have monster applications that need to run very large and computationally intensive functions.... but they only need to run them once or perhaps only when they save a record.  These types of applications can leverage Triggered Fields.  A good example is when you have line items that roll up to an invoice.  The order total only needs to be calculated when you save the invoice.  Using a Triggered Field for this function will increase app speed when running reports and opening records.  

Refer to the knowledge base or our support team for help with Triggered Fields.

More Stuff!

  • Previous Value! - Using {{OLD}}.{Field Name} will allow you to display the previous value of a field.
  • Calculated Date and Time Field
  • User Fields can now be used in Calculated Fields and Triggered Fields

Feb 1

Happy New Year from the mobile team at TrackVia. We’re kicking this year off with a bold change to the center of our mobile experience… new Dashboards!

There are a couple of reasons why we think you’re going to love this:
  • Dashboards are going to load much faster
  • We have added support for our upcoming ‘shortcuts’ release (SPOILER ALERT!)
  • Finally, we’ve simplified the navigation (iOS) and made the dashboards easier to read.
  • And did we mention the dashboards are going to be faster?

Speed is at the center of this release. The feedback we were hearing from you all was that even though the app is already pretty responsive, loading dashboards needed to be faster. Take a look at the before and after:

And we squashed a few bugs while we were in there.

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