How to use form show / hide rules

Would you like to make your TrackVia data entry forms more user friendly by only displaying fields when they are needed?  The “Show/Hide” feature allows you to break up large, complex forms and workflows, showing your users only what they need to see, when they need to see it.  

After adding a field on the edit form page, hover over the field and click the pencil icon to edit that field's settings.  

Next, select the Show/Hide tab and choose the 'When this Condition is True' radio button to create a rule to determine when that field should appear.  Building a rule is similar to how the criteria for a filter is built.  You can use AND and OR logic to create conditional groups, if needed.

In this example, the Repair Comments field will only be shown when a Repair Status is selected and someone is Assigned To the audit. 

“Show/Hide” also works on mobile - just like other TrackVia features, what is built on the web seamlessly translates to the mobile application.  

In another scenario, let’s assume you have a vacation request workflow you’re building, with a simple approval step.  If for some reason the vacation request is not approved, you want the approver to give a reason why the request was denied.


With “Show/Hide”, we’ve made it incredibly easy to set your form up so the ‘Reason’ field only shows when you choose ‘no’ for your approval.  Doing this allows you to clean up your forms considerably, making them easier to use and faster to fill out. 

Please note that a Multi-Select Widget is not considered a field, so the widget will not display as an option for Show/Hide criteria. Furthermore, values will only save for sections that are showing at the time a record is saved. Data in hidden sections or fields will be discarded. 

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