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How to create and assign user groups

User Groups
Create your user groups - you can access the user group manager from the menu within the Manage Users table. 

Here, we've created an East Coast group and a West Coast group.

Add additional groups by clicking the add button in the User Groups screen and entering a User Group name.


Then just assign users to your groups. You do this from the user profile (also in user manager). Sticking with our example above, we've assigned one user to one group, Walker in the West coast group, and the other user, Todd, is at corporate so he gets access to both East and West coast records. 


From the table editor, add a user group field to your table (“Location Group” below), and then add the new user group field to a form. 

Once you’ve done this, you can assign a record to a group. In this example, we've added one of our Blood Transfusion machines to the West Coast group. 


Putting it all together, you can now build a single filter using the Location Group field that will only show assets that are part of the current logged in users’ assigned groups.

So the next time your users log into the app in TrackVia, they’ll only see those items that belong to the groups they belong to! The respective groups' records are shown below from the same view. 

Walker - West CoastTodd - East & West Coast
We hope you find this helpful! Please reach out to us if we can give you additional info on this powerful feature.

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