How to assign default values

Assigning Default Values on Custom Forms

Default values are a great way to save time when entering data using forms. They are assigned on a form-by-form basis to maximize time efficiency for your workflow. Although default values can be set on a form to edit a record, they are typically used when creating records. For example, you can manually insert a value into a single line field, pre-select an option for a drop down list, and choose future dates to populate date fields. Values can also be assigned to relational fields so that records can be linked to the same parent record each time the form is used.

Default values can be assigned to any non-calculated field on your form. Date and date/time fields have additional settings described below. Specifically, default values can be used on all fields except:
  • Auto Counter
  • Location
  • Calculated Fields
  • Triggered Fields
  • Any field marked "Field is unique" in the table builder
To set a default value, go to the form editor, add the field, and then edit the field setting by selecting the pencil.

Below we have a Project Overview form where we are setting the default status to "Planning" for any new project. 

First, select the pencil to edit the field settings:

The default value setting is at the bottom of the Settings tab. For this drop down, we can select any value from the list. Here we'll select Planning to assign that status to every new project:

Once the setting and form are saved, you will see the label "DV" in the field with the default value. After the record is saved, the label will not display.

Date and Date/Time Fields

Default values on date and date/time fields can be marked for "Now" (when the form is opened) or "Future." The future date is calculated from the date (and time) the form is opened.

To set a future date, enter a number plus a unit of time. The available units for a date field are days, weeks, or months. The units for a date/time field are minutes, hours, days, weeks, months.

In our example below, we assign a default value of six weeks into the future.

When looking at the form, we can see that the default value is now set to be six weeks from today - June 6, 2016 - on July 18, 2016.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If a form that contains a field with a default value is used to edit a record, and the corresponding field on that record is blank, you will see the field populated with the default value and the "DV" icon. If this causes issues, we recommend using default values only on forms assigned to create records.

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