How to setup a Multi-Select Widget

Many-to-many relationships are those where multiple records in one table are related to multiple records in another table (e.g., employees assigned to a project or students in a class). TrackVia recommends using Join Tables to create these relationships. The Multi-Select Widget provides a more efficient way to add records to Join Tables in TrackVia. 

To use the Multi-Select Widget, drag and drop it onto a form used to add records to a Join Table.


Adding the Multi-Select Widget will open the Multi-Select Settings window.


In Part 1 (Where do you want to store this selection?), select the name of the relationship between the Parent Table (the table associated with the Form) and the Child Table (the Join Table). This tells TrackVia which child table to store the new records in. Then select the Child View of how you would like the records displayed within the Multi-Select Field. This will impact user permissions, allowing flexibility and control of how users will see the records.

In Part 2 (What do you want to select?), select the other associated Parent Table to the Child Table (Join Table). This will contain the records your users select when using the Multi-Select Widget. Select a Preferred Parent View to filter the records your users can see, or select the default parent view for unfiltered results.


When adding new records using this form, select one or many records using the Multi-Select Widget.


Save the form, and multiple records will be automatically added to the Child (Join) Table. 


The Multi-Select Widget can be used to add records to any Child Join Table and will save users tons of time!

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