How to setup Table Level Indexing

To improve the performance of searches within a table, you can set a field to be indexed. Indices allow TrackVia to more efficiently search through large sets of data.  You can set up to 5 fields within a table to be indexed. 

We highly recommend using this setting if you only need to search up to 5 specific fields in your table. All field types can be indexed except for checkbox, image, document, location, and date fields.

Step 1: Go to the Table Designer

Step 2: In the field editor of the field you would like to index, you’ll find a checkbox option that says “Field is Indexed.” Once selected, an additional option will allow you to select what type of search TrackVia will run:

Starts with
Identical to

Note: The 'Identical to' setting is most performant, followed by 'Starts with', then 'Contains'

Step 3: Save your choices!

Note:  If you choose to index a field, TrackVia will no longer search ALL fields in the table. It will ONLY search the fields that have been indexed.  This would only affect search via the search bar.  Quick filters will still be able to filter based on any field within the table.  We recommend utilizing Quick Filters to search fields if Table Level Indexing is not utilized.  

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