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Can I find the max of multiple max functions?


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  • Leeana Ramos
    Leeana Ramos commented  ·  

    Hello Rob,

    Yes, it is possible. Since the MAX() function is a Child Aggregate function, you will want to conduct the computing in the Child Table, and then sort that data in the Parent table.

    For this specific case, you will want to have a formula in the Child table that will calculate which Invoice Date is the newest for the record. This most likely can be determined with an IF() statement. Once the calculation is complete in the Child table to show the Newest Date for the Child Record, then you can have the Calculated field in the Parent table to determine the maximum Invoice Date out of ALL the Children.

    If you would like for our support team to help you dive into this formula more in detail within your specific account, please email

    Thank you,


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