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Change a Status field to Active in a table if the Inception Date filled is equal to the Inception Date



  • Leeana Ramos
    Caroline Stuhr commented  ·  

    Hi there!

    Thanks for reaching out, and I hope you had a nice weekend!

    You are able to do this with an app script, however it sounds like you'd be better off changing the status field to a 'Calculated Text' field with a formula instead (ie if xxx dates are equal, then set to "Active"). Feel free to email Support with additional details (table names, field names, etc.) if you need any further assistance with this.



  • Leeana Ramos
    Bhawana Pandey commented  ·   

    coalesce({Override Status Field}, [If{Inception Date="today", "Active"]) will this work.

  • Leeana Ramos

    Your Status Field will want to be the Calculated Text field instead of a Drop-Down field. Coalesce() is primarily used as a number function that will see if a field contains a value, else it'll be the next value set. 

    For this use case, a Calculated Text field will allow for a more complex formula that accomplishes everything at once:

    if(or(not(isblank({Override Status Field})),{Inception Date}=today()),"Active",null())

    If the Inception Date is being manually updated by the end user, then an app script will be the best method to set the Drop-Down field value based off of that update. 


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