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Calculate a fields value at record creation time, but not update it ever again


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    Cristina commented  ·    ·  

    Hi Michael,

    Thank you for your comment! There are a few ways to stamp a value in a TrackVia field, and it would ultimately depend on your workflow. You could use the {{OLD}} function which allows you to display the previous value of a field. More information on this function can be found on the link below.

    You can then add some logic for the field with the {{OLD}} function to stay static when a certain checkbox is checked. Another option would be to use application scripts, in order to stamp a value only when a set of criteria are met.

    The way to get this to work will depend on how records get created and when you want that value to become static. When the parent gets created, do child records automatically get created and this is when you want to capture the static sum? Or if the child records are manually created, what criteria would you use to determine when the sum should become static?

    We would need to take a deeper look at your specific use-case in order to suggest a possible solution. Could you please submit your request to, along with the app/table/field names?

    Thank you,



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