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Scan multiple barcodes within mobile app


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    Cristina commented  ·    ·  

    Hi Taras,

    Thank you for reaching out! A multi-select widget would be an option for you if you have a many-to-many relationship and want to create records on a join table to connect the two parent tables. You do have the ability to use barcode scanners on multi-select widgets. Whether this is an option for you will depend on your workflow and on your end goal. More information about multi-select widgets can be found on the link below.

    If you are looking to scan 5 codes and then have that create 5 records instead of clicking save each individual time, that would unfortunately not be possible and you would need to click save each time. I added two feature requests in your name to get the barcode enhancement released as well as the ability to bulk edit records on a mobile device. You will be notified once there's an update to the status of that request.

    Let us know if you have further questions.




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