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Export pictures uploaded to TrackVia


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  • Leeana Ramos
    Cristina commented  ·  

    Hi Amy,

    Thank you for reaching out!

    Although there is no native TrackVia feature to export files in bulk, in the past we have recommended a few different browser extensions to help with downloading images in bulk. They allow you to download all of the images you can see on your page at a time, meaning you can download the images up to 100 records at once (as this is the max number of records you can display on a single page of a view at one time).

    Please find the link below, to a website that contains 6 different options you could evaluate.

    Additionally, if you have anyone on your team that is familiar with the API, we do provide the ability to extract files from that angle. The link below shows the different calls you can use to extract files.

    I will reach out to our product team to advocate for the release of this functionality, but I hope these options are helpful in the meantime. You will be notified if and when this enhancement is released!

    Let us know if you have further questions.

    Thank you,



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