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How can I share a dashboard?


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  • Leeana Ramos
    Alex commented  ·   

    Hi Lindsay,

    This enhancement is on our radar for the future, but does not have a timeline for production at this time. We've logged the request and will update this post with any changes!

    While there is not a way to share the dashboard as a whole, it is possible to share each of these views individually on a schedule or as needed. This can be done by opening the view, selecting the toggle view options to the top right (three horizontal bars), then clicking Share. You can then enter in the emails of the recipients you wish to share the view with. Settings to send on a schedule can be seen at the bottom after checking the box to send on a schedule.

    Information on sharing and reporting schedules can be found here:
    How to Share Data
    How to Set up a Scheduled Share




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