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We use TrackVia as a check register, and need a warning message that says "Are you sure you want to allow Sum of Balance value to change?"


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  • Tiffanie Staver
    Justin Mauldin commented  ·  


    Thank you for reaching out with your question.

    There are two different ways you could go about setting up an alert, and it will depend on what your workflow is for your user in your account.

    The first option is for if your users are creating new records, and you could utilize "Show/Hide" rules on a custom form to have a section on your form that has the written warning message be revealed if a certain condition is met. (Here is a link from our Knowledge Base on how this features works:

    The second option would be for if your users just look at a custom view on a dashboard to see which records meet these conditions, and it would, for example, highlight those records with the color red. This would utilize a newer feature in the system called "Conditional Formatting. (Here is a link from our Knowledge Base on how this features works: https: //

    I hope this helps. Please feel free to email us at, or give us a call at 1-800-673-3302 if you have any more specific questions on how to set this up for your specific use case.

    Thanks again,



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