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'unlock' a calculated field?



  • Tiffanie Staver
    Alex commented  ·  

    Hi J,

    It is not possible to unlock calculated fields for manual manipulation. If you need a custom date field, add a new date field to your table that can then act as an override to the calculation.

    For example, you can use the coalesce function to reference your override before running the logic that is currently being output by your calculation:

    coalesce({Override Date Field}, [current calculation here])
    Additional information in this function can be found in the Knowledge Base here:



  • Tiffanie Staver
    J Lupin commented  ·  

    Hi Alex,

    Not sure how to respond on here but thats for the speedy reply.

    I've had a look through the link you gave and it was very useful but still struggling to get what I need.

    My current formula in my Calculated Data field is something along the lines of -

    If([{Type}="Kitchen", {Date Due Kitchen}, If({Type}="Bath", {Date Due Bath}, ""))

    I tried using coalesce but I feel like I am using it wrong as I can't get it to work, any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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