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Add working days to a date


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  • Tiffanie Staver
    Justin Mauldin commented  ·  

    Hi Debbie,

    Thank you for reaching out to us with your question.

    You would need a formula that looks something like this:

    If(weekday({Date Field})=1,dateadd({Date Field},124,"d"), If(weekday({Date Field})=7,dateadd({Date Field},125,"d"),dateadd({Date Field},126,"d")))

    The above formula assumes, for example, that you are looking to add 90 working days to your {Date Field} date that is output, and the logic behind this formula is as follows:

    126 calendar days is equal to 90 business days, as long as the {Date Field} date does not fall on a weekend. If the {Date Field} date falls on a Saturday, the number to add would have to be 125 and if the date falls on a Sunday, the number to add would have to be 124.

    Alternatively, if all of your {Date Field} dates are Monday-Friday, you would only need this formula:

    dateadd({Date Field},126,"d") Instead of the logic formula that accounts for {Date Field} dates being a Saturday or a Sunday.

    Please keep in mind that this formula is excluding weekends only. Public Holidays are not factored in this formula, as there is not an easy way to include the exclusion holidays in any formula.

    Thanks again,



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