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How do I troubleshoot users not being able to login using Chrome or Firefox?


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  • Tiffanie Staver
    John McGarvey commented  ·  

    I have found with my users that "not being able to log in" needs some clarification:

    1. Can they reach the TrackVia login screen?
    If no, this is not a TrackVia issue (especially if other users do reach the login page). I have a group of users in one of our facilities where the firewall is blocking access. It could be a internal IT network issue.

    2. Are they receiving a username/password error?
    If so, if they are willing to share their password with you, you can try logging in as them. Or, you can try changing their account to one of your own email addresses, send the password reset email so you receive it, log in with their credentials. If you can log in, you know it is not an account issue. Change everything back to their own email.

    2. Are they able to get past the login screen, but then receive a blank white page with a missing Application dropdown?
    I have found this happens when the user set one of the applications as a favorite by setting the Star, then that application is deleted from the system, or their Role permissions have changed so they no longer have access to that application. The system is not "releasing" the favorite star when the application is deleted or permissions have changed and it is still trying to load the favorite app. The workaround is to use the Go To menu to search for anything. Click one of the results. Once the selected Go To item is shown, the Application menu will reappear and a new favorite can be selected.

    4. Are they able to login, but then receive a "You Don't Have Permissions" error?
    This is typically a default page trying to load with elements they do not have permissions for. Check all Views on the page and make sure those Views are in the user's Role.

    Hope this helps.


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