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Count records created in the last 90 days


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  • Tiffanie Staver
    Alex commented  ·  

    Hi Matt,

    While we do not have countif() or sumif() functions to count or sum certain children, this is still possible by putting an if() statement in the children to "flag" them. In this case, we could use count() or sum() based on their functionality (count will count records that have a value in the desired field where null records are ignored).

    1) If statement in the child table that references the record's created date being within the last 90 days. If the records is outside the 90 days, the formula outputs null() or 0. Null for a parent count or 0 if using the sum.

    Calc Text: if( {Created} > datesub(today(), 90, "d"), "Yes",null())
    Calc Num: if( {Created} > datesub(today(), 90, "d"), 1,0)

    2) In the parent table, use a count or sum on the child field from step 1. Count on the calculated text or sum on the calculated number.

    Hope this helps!



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