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Integrate my trackvia data into my website!



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    Derrick Kotlus commented  ·    ·  


    While we do not currently have public sharing of views or dashboards, this is something that we are looking to implement. For the time being, you can get data out of TrackVia by exporting a view to excel. Thank you for your suggestion, we will be sure to let you know when this feature is available!


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    J.r. Marshall commented  ·    ·  

    I'm building an event website. The site would list local events. I'm building a database of venues & would like to use my trackvia data to display this information on my site for my users.

    It seems, right now I can't display my data via a webpage? It that considered public sharing of views. It would be great if I could have it work with my WordPress website. J.R.

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    Alex commented  ·    ·

    Hi Jon,

    While public views are not a native feature in TrackVie yet, this is definitely possible using our TrackVia API. The API would be able to pull the records from your Events view and allow you to save them and use them outside of TrackVia.

    More information on our API can be found here:

    We'll be certain to share this enhancement request with our product team as well and keep you in the loop as it develops!




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